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Chapter 1

It had been at least four months, Sam mused as he sat in his English class, since him, Dean and Cas had been hit with a deaging curse which turned them physically back into teenagers. None of them had lost any height or body mass but they just looked like younger versions of themselves. He sneaked a peak at Cas, trying to muster up the courage to ask him out on a date. It was frustrating, seeing as he and Cas were roommates but he could never seem to get the words out. 'One of these days,' he thought, chewing on his pen absently, 'I will actually get the courage to ask you out.'

Just after the transformation, Garth had caught wind of strange goings ons at a nearby boarding school and they decided to enrol as students so they could investigate. After the hunt, it turned out to be a simple ghost who didn't like the construction work that was going on in the science wing, Dean wanted to stay on to Sam's surprise as he expected that Dean would be desperate to leave the school once the hunt was over. Cas also was agreeable to staying on. Sam looked at the deaging spell as a chance to start again.

Sam suspected that the English teacher, Mr Willis, who was a teacher from England and spoke with a fairly posh English accent, and also taught Drama, had something to do with his decision. Mr Willis could wax lyrically about classic rock all lesson if he had to. He also had a great sense of humor and he was always cracking jokes about various things. English was definitely becoming Dean's favorite lesson.

Sam stretched out his long legs, accidentally kicking the chair in front of him, causing the teenager sitting in said chair to turn around to face him. He gave the teenager an apologetic look which caused the teenager to glare at him over the rims of his black glasses. The teenager really did have a deadly glare. If looks could kill, Sam would be dead on the floor and possibly on fire with the intensity of the look aimed his way.

Sam shrugged and the teenager turned back and bent his head over his notes. Bardulf James was a tall, slim, red haired teenager and a bit of a loner as he was quiet and shy. He did not speak very much but when he did, he spoke in a soft voice. He was also always wearing long sleeves and pants, even on the hottest days. Sam had wondered about that, but when he asked Bardulf, Bardulf told him that because he is a natural red head, he burns easily in the sun. He didn't play any sports because he had a doctor's note that exempted him from high impact sports, due to a car accident he was in that had shattered his bones on his right side, which unfortunately made him a target for the football team, who called him a wuss and too scared to play a real man's sport. Bardulf just shook his head and told them that he would heal eventually, but probably wouldn't want to dirty his hands on a sport that relies on the players wearing a lot of padding anyway. Sam got the feeling that Bardulf could be a secret snarker sometimes.

He worked part time down at the local resturaunt, along with his friend and co-worker who was a waitress there. The red head, surprisingly, excelled in Home Ec, coming up with dishes so complicated and tasty, while others in the class struggled with simple dishes, that Sam was envious and wanted to know what his secret was. Bardulf just said that he cooked a lot at home, but Sam had the feeling that he wasn't telling the whole story.

Bardulf's friend was a girl in their year named Darcy, who was a brunette with black rimmed glasses. Darcy also had  a job working as the early morning radio show that greeted the students as they woke up every morning. Darcy liked to say what she thought as was very firey and didn't stand for any crap from anyone. Apparently, according to rumor, Darcy was asked out by one of the football jocks and when she said 'no' he grabbed her but she ended up kicking the said football team member in the nuts, causing him to let her go to fall in a heap at her feet. Sam hoped that he never got on the wrong side of her as he didn't want to be hit there. He was still having flashbacks to the Nutcracker Game show that Gabriel had trapped them in a few years ago.

The door of the classroom opened, interrupting Mr Willis' speech about how Shakespeare wrote his plays, drawing Sam from his staring at Cas, and a tall, slim teenage boy, wearing all black walked in, followed by the Principal, Ms Nightingale. The Principal, leaned forward and was talking to Mr Willis in low hushed voices. the teenager was standing there looking awkward.

Dean leaned over to Sam. "Hey, Sammy, doesn't he look familiar to you?"

Sam shrugged. "Uh, maybe." his attention was drawn by Bardulf straightening up in his seat. Sam wondered what he was thinking then decided he didn't care.

Mr Willis turned to the class and indicated the teenager standing next to him. "Class, this is Barty. He's a new student all the way from Scotland. That's in the United Kingdom for those who are failing Geography. He's also the younger brother of the rock star, J Brightwolf..."

Dean took in a deep breath.  "I knew it! That`s awesome."

"Barty, why don`t you go and sit in between Bardulf and Lewis?" Mr Willis stated with a mischievous smile. "Maybe then they won't be passing notes like a pair of lovestruck teenagers and they will actually pay attention."

Barty obeyed, slinking between the desks like a born rock star. He sat down in the desk next to Bardulf, and smiled at the teenager, who turned around and stared at him, earning a dirty look in reply. Barty shrugged, seemingly not bothered by it, and his grin grew wider as he turned in Darcy's direction. He gave her a flirtatious smile.

Bardulf scribbled something on a piece of paper, folded it, and slid it onto Barty's desk. Barty looked at him and then to the note. "I'm not your go between for you and your girlfriend," he said quietly in a Scottish accented voice.

"For you. And she's not my girlfriend."

Barty unfolded the note, read it, allowed a wolfish grin to cross his face and wrote something back.

They passed the note back and forth until Barty set aside the note, accidentally knocking the note onto the floor with his elbow.

Sam used his feet to bring the note closer to him and then bent and picked it up to read it.

She has a taser and she's not afraid to use it, Barty.

That makes it even more attractive.

Only you could get hot under the collar at the threat of violence.

Well, I like it rough.



Too Much Information. Meaning, I don't wish to know.

Sure she's not your girlfriend?

No. She's my good friend.

You're very protective of her. Seems like a girlfriend to me.

I will borrow her taser and use it on you.

Now that's just kinky. What are you doing tonight?



Says you. Mr Ego. I happen to enjoy my job.

Pot. Kettle.

Not going to discuss that now. Just pay attention to class.


Better a nerd than a jumped up attention seeker.

Ooh that hurts. So what's the gossip here?

Well, I'll tell you later. I have a feeling it's gonna be a comedy of errors before it all gets sorted out.

Right. What's your room number?


My room's 507. We're neighbours

You're Dean Winchester's roommate? Oh he will love you. We share a bathroom.

Is he hot? Single? Does he have a brother or sister?

Yes. Dunno. One brother. The one behind me.

He's nice.

You're wasting your time. I think he is interested in someone else.


Tell you later. Dean's the one sitting next to him.

I see what you mean by hot. Bet he looks good naked.

I wouldn't know. When you and Dean room together, don't be your usual messy self.

Who said I was messy?

Your brother.

Did he? He can, what's the phrase, bite me.

You might enjoy it.

Whatever. I'm not the only one who bites.

I'm not commenting on that.

You know it's true.

I'll bite you in a minute.

And you say I'm the kinky one. What about the blue eyed hottie next to them?

Cas? Don't even try it, Barty. He's interested in someone AKA not you.


Tell you later.

Okay. Your room, after lessons today. Or would you prefer us to have our meeting in the bathroom that we share?

Not while I'm showering.

You'll be naked?

Duh. That is how you shower, you know.

You'll be naked.

And would Polly like a cracker?


You sounded like a parrot then.

Screw you, your cousin too and your brother.

I'm sure that's illegal in certain states. Have you been listening to Daphne and Celeste again?


And you call me a nerd.

You are a nerd.

Look, we'll talk later. Mr Willis is looking over here very suspiciously.

Fine. Don't avoid me or I will invade your shower time.

I won't.

Sam folded up the note and slipped it into his pocket, shaking his head in amusement, making a note to show Dean and Cas said note as the bell rang, signifying the end of the lesson.

He jumped when Dean placed his hand on Sam's shoulder. "I'm gonna show Barty around. He's my roommate so I have to play nice," Dean said in Sam's ear.

"Sure. Go make nice with your roomie. Cas and I will meet you at lunch," Sam stated. He could see that Dean's admiration for Barty would probably bloom into a full scale crush which had a very high likelyhood of being returned, judging by the admiring look Barty had shot Dean. If only Cas would return his feelings and then Sam could be happy. Unfortunately, the likelyhood of that would be very low.

Dean gave Sam's shoulder one last pat before him and Barty walked out of the classroom.

Sam's attention was drawn by Cas moving to stand in front of Bardulf's desk and jealousy brewed inside him. He had to squash it down as there was a perfectly good reason for Cas to go and talk to Bardulf... Wasn't there?

"Bardulf, may I speak with you a minute?" Cas asked in that low voice of his. "In private?"

"Uh, sure," Bardulf said quietly and, if Sam's ears weren't decieving him, a little warily.

Sam knew that there was a huge hint for him to hurry up and get out the classroom so he gathered his stuff together quickly. "I'll wait for you outside, Cas," he said, feeling slightly rejected.

Cas looked at Sam and his expression seemed to lighten slightly. "Thank you, Sam."


"My roommate is so cool," Dean gushed ouside the classroom. He had come back from giving Barty a quick tour of the school to find Sam still waiting outside the classroom. "He's been telling me all about his brother and the band."

"That's great, Dean," Sam said. "He must be like your wet dream come true."

"Well, of course. If you shared a room with a rock star, or in this case his brother, yo'd be the same."

"While, I admit that their tunes are catchy," Sam stated, "I wouldn't gush over them like you are."

"Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot, you'd be into bubblegum pop or emo music."

Sam punched Dean in the sholder. "Shut up. "


"At least I don't listen to mullet rock."

"Shut up. They're good songs."

"Yeah, if you're a biker." Sam looked around.

"You seen Cas anywhere?"

"Last I saw, he was chatting to my arch nemisis about a project they have to work on together. He glared at me again."

"What does he have against you?"

"No idea. I think he's just grumpy." Sam saw Cas coming out of the classroom and he smiled. "Cas! Save me from Dean's drooling over J Brightwolf's younger brother."

Cas tilted his head in a way that Sam found utterly adorable. "Why would I do that?"

"Because... Just because."

"Is Dean not allowed to admire his roommate?"

"No. Yes, but he can do it quietly. I'm sure everyone knows by now that Dean has a not-so-secret crush on him."

Dean punched Sam in the arm. "Shut up, Bitch."


Cas tilted his head. "Why would Dean want to crush him?"

"Figure of speech, Cas. It means he really likes him. He thinks he's gorgeous, he wants to kiss him..." Sam adopts a singsong voice. "He wants to hug him... He wants to love him... He wants to hug him... He wants to smooch him... He wants to... Ow!" Sam yelped as Dean punched him again.

"Dude! Did you seriously just quote Miss Congeniality then?" Dean asked, frowning as Bardulf exited the classroom at that moment. Sam wondered how much his arch nemesis heard, especially with the expression on his face. Dean cornered Bardulf, pushed him against the wall and pinned him there, getting into his personal space in a threatening manner. "How much did you hear?"

"Uh, not much," Bardulf answered, looking Dean right in the eyes. "Just you asking Sam if he was quoting Miss Congeniality."

Sam got the feeling that Bardulf was lying but he couldn't prove it. He sneaked a look at Cas who looked like he was about to interject. "Come on, Dean. He can't prove anything."

Dean leaned forward further into Bardulf's personal space. "If you heard anything else and you tell anyone, I will end you," Dean growled, pinning the red head harder against the wall, causing his glasses to slip down his nose. "Got that?"

"Loud and clear," Bardulf answered quietly. "Can you let me go please?"

"Tell anyone about this conversation and I will end you as well."

Bardulf gave Dean a look. "What? Tell them you pinned me to a wall and threatened me? As if. I'm not a snitch."

"Good. Keep it that way."

"Can you let me go?" Bardulf asked, giving Dean a look.

"Oh yeah, you look at Sammy wrongly and I will end you."

"Dean..." Sam began, not wanting Bardulf to think that he couldn't fight his own battles. "He's fine. I can handle it."

Bardulf let out an exhale of breath and let his head fall back against the wall. "Are you going to let me go or am I just going to be stuck here all day? I get that you're an overprotective older brother and I respect that but I don't go around pinning innocent people against walls."

That was the most that Sam had ever heard Bardulf state in one breath. Usually he stammered a few words but then again, Sam doubted that Dean had threatened him before.

"Anything else you're going to threaten me against revealing or doing?" Bardulf asked, his voice laced with sarcasm. "Such as your not so secret crush on J Brightwolf." Before Dean could hit him, he quickly elaborated. "It's pretty obvious. A blind cat could see it. I'm not judging. And I'm not likely to tell. Not that, anyway." He sighed. "We all have our secrets."

"Dude, I'm not gay," Dean elaborated, pushing Bardulf against the wall again.

"Never said you were. There is nothing wrong with having a crush on a rockstar... Trust me. He'd be flattered. Really."

"And you know this, how?"

"Well... Does it matter?"


"So, uh, can you let me go? I have places to go, people to see."

Dean finally released Bardulf. "Tell anyone and I'll end you."

"I won't." Bardulf tugged at his clothes, trying to straighten them up.

"Good. Good talk. Now get out of here."

"I'm gone." Bardulf quickly moved away from them.

Cas watched him go. "Dean, why did you threaten him?"

"Dude, seriously? He's a jerk."

"That's just an act. Dean, promise me, you won't threaten him again."

"Why?" When Cas didn't answer straight away, Dean had to elaborate. "Why, Cas? What aren't you telling us?"

"I believe it would not be prudent for you to threaten a fellow student without the risk of you getting in trouble, Dean."

"I can handle myself, Dude."

"I know, Dean."

"Right, so now we are all on the same page... Let's get to lunch. It's cheeseburgers on the menu today."

Sam rolled his eyes. "How can you think of food at a time like this?"

"Very easily."

Chapter 2
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