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Chapter 6

"You know, having an famous brother is not all it is cracked up to be," Barty stated, during one of Sam's singing lessons a few days later.

"How so?"

"Well, everyone wants to know what he is like. Whether he is single and are always wanting to know exactly who he's dating. Sometimes I think that people are only friends with me so I can get them to meet him but they don't like me for me."

"I like you. I mean, you're helping me out. I get to see the real you."

Barty smiled. "Thanks. And you're coming along great. You have the makings of a real star."

Sam sighed. "Speaking of your brother..."

"Oh here we go."

"No, I don't want you to get me to meet him or anything. In fact, I have my suspicions on who he is."


"Yeah. I believe he's undercover at the moment... and actually goes here."

"And how did you work that out?"

"It wasn't hard. All the clues just fell into place."

"At least someone has brains. And before you ask, I did know."

"I kinda got that."

Barty smirked. "So are you going to confront him? Tell him you know."

"Yeah. I can see why he did it. Especially since you said that everyone would be up in his business if he went as himself."

"True. And while you're there are you going to tell Cas about your feelings for him?"

"I don't stand a chance. Not with him in the way."

Barty sighed. "He might surprise you."


"No buts, just tell Cas. This is why you're doing these lessons, right?"


"Well, get to it then."

"What if he doesn't like me in that way? What if I'm not good enough? What if he prefers him or Dean to me?"

"Don't waste your time with 'what ifs'. Go out there, seize the moment. If he rejects you then you'll have your answer. Not that I think he will but don't quote me on that."

"You know, you're quite sweet once I got to see the real you."

Barty groaned. "I'm not sweet. I'm the opposite of sweet."

"You're a big softie."

"Am not."

"You're a big squishy marshmallow under that gruff exterior."


"Okay, I won't call you a marshmallow."

"Especially not in front of my brother."

"Or Dean."

Barty blushed and ducked his head. Sam noticed his reaction. "Oh my God, you have feelings for Dean!" he exclaimed.

"Shh, keep it down, you overgrown puppy. I don't want anyone to hear."

"Why not? I know for a fact that Dean likes you. He won't stop raving about you."

"Really, does he like me for me, or is he just attracted to the idea of me?"


"I can be myself around you, Cas," Bardulf stated, sitting back on his bed at the same time Sam was with Barty. The red head had gotten his hands on a flamingo fedora somehow and he wore it at every opportunity he could. He dodged the questions on how he got his hands on the eccentric headwear. However, the fact that Zeb kept trying to grab the hat gave Cas a clue on who it really belonged to. "You and a few others. I get to be myself at work. I don't need to put on the act. It's making me tired. I wish I never started what began as a prank. An undercover role. I have to watch myself around people and now Barty is here, I'm finding it more difficult to remember to change my accent."

"I see. Have you given thought to just dropping the act and being yourself, James?"

"Yep. I want to do it soon. Before the end of the year." Bardulf smiled. "I want to let loose. Tell people what I really think. I want to rock out, play my guitar at high decibles, wear my normal clothes, not wear these stupid glasses which I don't even need and keep sliding down." He took off said glasses and rubbed the bridge of his nose.

Cas listened to Bardlf carefully. "And you didn't let loose when you yelled at Britney the other day?"

"Well, she deserved it. Playing Celine Dion at all hours of the night, keeping me awake and then having the gall to complain at five thirty because my alarm 'interrrupted her beauty sleep'," he said in a mocking tone. "I hadn't even had my coffee yet."

"Perhaps if you hadn't delierately put your alarm right by her wall, she might not have complained."

Bardulf shrugged. "She would've found something to complain about. And who says it was deliberate?" He changed the subject quickly. "So, do you think 'Operation Jealousy' is working?"

Cas hesitated. "I do not know. Sam seems to be enamoured of Barty. Maybe I should forget the whole thing and just like someone else."

"Mmhm, like who?"


"Wait! Hold the phone, Cas. I like you an' all and I can be relaxed around you but I like Dean. I don't think he likes me though. Or at least this version of me."

Cas looked dejected. "I see."

Bardulf placed a hand on Cas' shoulder. "Don't worry. I can see it all working out for you. I've been watching you two. Sam isn't as subtle as he thinks."

Cas looked hopeful. "You think...?"

"Yeah. If he doesn't man up and tell you that he likes you, I'll just get Darcy to taser him until he does. She did say she was going to be your taser wielding cupid, although according to you, with more clothes." Bardulf sighed. "Or you could tell him how you feel about him. I'm sick of this romantic comedy that I appear to have found myself in."

Cas reached over and awkwardly patted Bardulf on the shoulder. "I have no idea what to say to that."

"Thanks Cas. Why don't you just tell him? Get everything out in the open."

"If I tell Sam, you will have to tell Dean."

"Oh no. Dean will hate me. I've been lying to him, and everyone else, for ages. He will never forgive me."

Cas paused. "I might have accidentally let slip to Dean that Bardulf isn't your first name."

"Oh hell. Well, what's done is done, I suppose." Bardulf sighed. "It won't take long for him to put two and two together and work out my identity. Dean is smarter than he lets on."

"Very true." Cas tilted his head. "How did you aquire that hat?"

Bardulf flushed. "Secret."

"Is it Zeb's? Is that why he keeps trying to get a hold of it?"

Bardulf smiled slyly. "Maybe."

"I take that as a yes."

"At least it's not a fez. Anyway, back to you and Sam. Are you ever going to tell him? Or am I going to bang your heads together to knock some sense into you two? And you know I would too."

"Yes. Especially with who you are."

Bardulf smiled mysteriously. "Now, don't tell all my secrets. Not before I tell them if I so wish."

Chapter 7
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