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Chapter 7

"Well, I'll be damned," a British accented voice said, startling Mr Willis from his teaching of Hamlet in the next English lesson. "James Willis, as I live and breathe." Ah, so Mr Willis' first name was James as J Brightwolf had guessed.

"Robert Phillips, what the hell are you doing here?" Mr Willis asked, obviously recognising the voice. "Are you following me?"

"Teaching. You're now looking at the new Drama teacher."

"Well, that's great. I mean having a familiar face that gets all my Brit slang without using a translator." Mr Willis looked at Barty."Well, apart from two people in here. But why here?" Sam looked between Barty and Bardulf who were sitting on the tables next to him. Sam noticed Bardulf looked very tired and was leaning heavily on his desk. He made a mental note to confront Bardulf after the lesson.

"Why not? The Americans let you teach English? Aren't they worried that you might cause 'em to have an abundance of 'u's in their spellings?"

"They like me. And there's a new thing called Google Spellcheck which I strongly advise my students to use."

"I bet. Have you shown them 'The Wall' yet?"

"Not yet. Think I should?" Mr Willis asked, a mischievous look coming to his face.

"I'm surprised you haven't yet. Especially considering that you've shown it to your classes back in England."

Bardulf perked up. "The wall? As in Pink Floyd's 'The Wall', sir?" he asked excitedly. "Are you gonna show it soon, sir?"

"Of course. Should've known that would perk yo up and not make you so grouchy, Oscar. Maybe next lesson."

"My name is not Oscar, sir."

"No, but you are grouchy. Hence your nickname of 'Oscar'."

Mr Willis looked at Mr Phillips. "He's a massive Pink Floyd fan. Can't tell you how I know it but he knows."

"Okay, if you say so." Mr Phillips said.

"Yeah, I do. Maybe both of us could arrange to do a musical based on 'The Wall'. It'd be interesting."

"It'd make a change from the usual school play." Mr Philips commented.

"I already have someone in mind to play Pink if we go ahead," Mr Willis commented. "He already knows the lyrics to all the songs."

"Without auditioning? How do you know he'd be up to snuff?"

"I do. But before we reveal too many secrets, let's change the subject. How is everyone back there?"

"Oh same old. Erin still doesn't like going to the girls' toilets on her own."

"Well, after that incident, I'm not surprised. Is Jo still there?"

"Yeah. Still teaching Gym. She's married now. Remember when she and a certain person had a thing?"

"I think He had a thing with everyone. You know what he was like."

"Yeah. You seen James lately?"

"I did indeed. Just spoke to him a little while ago in fact. Did you know, he's a rock star now. Goes by the name of 'J Brightwolf'?" Mr Willis stated with a significant look towards Mr Phillips.

"Oh? Oh! So that's why..."

Sam looked at Bardulf, who seemed to be lost in thought, either that or he had now fallen asleep, and smiled.

"That's a change. I seem to remember he used to suffer from terrible stage fright." Mr Phillips grinned. "So tell me what it's like working over here on the other side of the pond where they have an allergy to 'u' in certain words."

"Well, it's interesting. I know that there are various cupid plans flying around to try and set certain people up but I choose not to pry for details." Mr Willis looked over at Sam and Cas and gave them a small smile. Sam looked down at the table. Does everyone know about his feelings for Cas? Except for Cas himself? "It's a Shakespearian play in the making, I think. Very Much Ado About Nothing, if you catch my drift."

"I see."

Sam looked up, looked over at Bardulf to see how he was taking this detail and noticed that Bardulf's head had slipped down onto the desk. So he had fallen asleep then. Exhaustion had finally caught up with him.

Barty turned to face Sam then looked at Bardulf and frowned, as Bardulf started to softly snore. Barty bent down, reached into his bag, pulled out an ipod. He placed the hedphones over Bardulf's ears and turned the ipod volume up to maximum and pressed play, blasting Bardulf's ears with what sounded like to Sam like the 'Battlestar Galactica' theme tune.

Bardulf shot upright, lost his balance and fell off his chair with a loud curse in what sounded like Latin. He glared at Barty, who innocently stopped the music once he saw Bardulf was awake. he growled a few more curses at Barty, his tone of voice menacing as he sat back down on his chair.

"I do not believe that is physically possible," Cas spoke up from next to Sam. "And unless you want to start a few rumors, I don't think you should call him that."

"I'll find a way," Bardulf muttered, leaning his head on the desk. "Just tell him," he added sleepily. "Tell him already. And that is most definitely what he is..."

"Not that. Unless there's something you aren't telling me." Cas said, not really expecting a reply.

Mr Willis finally looked over. "Am I boring him?"

"No sir. Think he's just tired."

Mr Willis sighed. "Dean, Barty, take him to bed. Make sure he's rested. He looks like he needs it."

"But sir, not on a first date," Dean protested, but obediently moved to stand on one side of Bardulf before trying to haul Bardulf to his feet. "Come on, Dude. Up and at 'em." He grunted as Bardulf leaned heavily against him, as he wrapped Bardulf's arm around his shoulders. "For a skinny dude, you sure weigh a lot. What do you eat? The last time I had to support someone this heavy was when Sammy got drunk," he muttered, loud enough for Sam and Barty to hear. "Barty, can you grab his other side?"

Sam and Cas shared a look as Barty moved to Bardulf's other side. Sam realized that he would be alone with Cas without Dean or Barty as a buffer.

"He ain't heavy, he's my brother," Barty sang lowly, obviously finding a way to get that quote in somehow.

"Dude, not the time to burst into song," Dean grunted as he shifted Bardulf's weight against him.

"Just a minute, I'll slip something on," Bardulf muttered, loud enough for Sam to hear. "Water the flowers," he drawled in a Scottish accented voice. "Say 'hi there' to my bad body double. Everyone loves twins."

Sam saw Barty roll his eyes. "Damn, he's started talking in his sleep. Dean, let's hurry and get him into bed before he gets even more random." He looked over at Bardulf who had rested his head against Dean's shoulder. "This is the last time I'm hauling your arse to bed. Next time I'm just going to shove a flask of coffee under your nose."

"Where's the mop? I want to whack a certain annoying person with it," Bardulf muttered, his sleepy mumblings causing Barty to stifle a chuckle.

"Yeah, I don't think I want to know what is going on in that head of his," Dean replied, shifting Bardulf slightly. "Why is he speaking in a Scottish accent in his sleep?"

"Who does? Who knows?" Barty answered, evasively. "Maybe he thinks it's sexy?"

"Won't be long, Sammy," Dean promised as he half carried, half dragged Bardulf out the classroom door. "And it is quite sexy, but don't tell him I said that."

"Your secret's safe with me."

Sam made eye-contact with Cas and they awkwardly turned away from each other and looked down at their books, not daring to look at each other. 'Damn it. He hates me. He won't even look at me. How the hell am I going to handle this?'


The next time Sam saw Dean was at dinner. He walked in the dining hall, looking ruffled and tired like he had just woken up. "Dean, where were you? It was so awkward between myself and Cas the last few lessons."

"Sorry, Sammy. It's just that when we took him up to his room, he grabbed a hold of us and dragged us on the bed with him. Dude was like a freaking boa constrictor. Then I guess we kinda fell asleep too. It was more comfortable on top of it than under it. Woke up not too long ago."

Sam hid a smile. "Sounds like you had fun."

"Sounds like you didn't. Dude, he's your roommate and you can't say three freaking words to him. Did not even a 'I want to bone you' come out of your mouth at any point?" Dean sighed. "How are we even related?"

"Guess they must've found you under a bush or something because I've been asking myself the same question." Sam retorted.



Dean smiled secretively. "You know, it's strange that both Bardulf and J Brightwolf have the same first name and they both know Barty. And then there's Mr Willis as well." He shakes his head. "Nah, it's a crazy thought. Cas would've said. So would Barty."

Sam wondered if Dean had come to the same conclusion as he had but there was no way of asking him in case Dean hadn't figured it out yet. "Yeah. Well, it is a pretty common name."

"Mm." Dean paused in his eating. "How's things going on your end?"

"What do you mean?"

"Dude, it's been ages since you told me your feelings. Why haven't you said anything yet?"

"It never came up."

"Dude, you were in the classroom with him, without distractions. How the hell didn't you tell him?"

Chapter 8
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