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Chapter 8

Sam managed to catch up with Bardulf the next morning. Bardulf looked very grumpy, even though he had slept the day before, and Sam had to wonder whether confronting the other teenager was a good idea. "Hey, wait up!" he called as he jogged to catch up with Bardulf, who seemed to be walking very quickly somewhere and he was carrying a case of some sort. It looked to Sam to be an instrument case but Sam wasn't entirely sure.

"What do you want, Sam?"

"I want to talk to you. In private."

"Well, you know where my room is. Why didn't you knock on my door like a sane person instead of lurking around in corridors like a serial killer waiting for their next victim?"

"I wouldn't be sure if you were awake or not. I didn't want to wake you. I know how grumpy you are." Sam paused. The serial killer comment hurt slightly due to the fact that they had been accused of being serial killers in the past. "I'm also not a serial killer. And I wouldn't kill you anyway. You're not worth it."

"Oh, how charitable of you." Bardulf started walking off. "I don't want to be insulted by you, Sam," he growled. "I'm having a very bad day and it's only six o'clock in the morning. I don't want to fight with you. Last time we fought, you nearly broke my glasses. And my nose."

Sam wondered if Bardulf's neighbour had contributed to his bad mood, with their Celine Dion playing ways, and wondered how he could ask without revealing that he had overheard that conversation. "James, wait!"

Bardulf halted in midstride and turned to face Sam. "What did you call me?" he asked in a voice that didn't betray what he was thinking.

"I called you James. It is your name, isn't it?"

"Who told you that?"

Sam didn't really want to drop Dean into it so he lied. "No one. I figured it out. You see I googled the meaning of Bardulf and I got a very interesting result." He paused. "It means 'Bright wolf' who happens to be the surname of the lead singer of one of my brother's favourite bands. I just switched your surname and first name around and I came up with 'J Brightwolf' J being short for James." He paused. "Mr Willis said in English that J Brightwolf's first name was James... And then all the pieces fell together."

"Doesn't mean anything. Just because my name means 'Brightwolf' doesn't mean I am him." Sam know that Bardulf was really grasping at straws now.

"You admitted to me that you are actually Scottish, like Barty. If you removed your glasses I'd bet you'd look a lot like Barty except with different hair colours."

Bardulf sighed and dragged Sam into the empty music room. He put down the case he was carrying, looked around, and removed his glasses. It was as Sam thought, he did look a lot like Barty. "Okay, you got me," he said in an accent which sounded slightly Scottish. "I am Barty's brother and my first name is James. His older identical twin brother in fact. You got it completely right." He looked worried. "I can't believe my disguise really worked. After all, who would think that the nerdy red head in glasses is in fact the lead singer of a rock band? All I did was put glasses on and styled my hair differently."

"And wear long sleeves all the time."

"That too."

"Does Cas know? can I tell Dean? I mean, Dean is going to find out very soon anyway. As soon as he and the rest of the class come in."

"Cas does know. I want to be the one who tells Dean. On my terms. I'm surprised that you didn't tell Dean what you figured out straight away."

"Wasn't my secret to tell. Dean won't like that I knew and didn't tell him."

"Dean will have to deal."

"Why the undercover Hannah Montana work anyway?"

"I can't believe you made that reference." Bardulf shook his head in disbelief. "I am not Miley Cyrus."

"It's true. Even though you're more James Hetfield than Miley Cyrus."

"That's better. I would much rather being compared to the guitarist of Metallica than some Disney Channel person any day. I wanted to see if people would like me for me, if I was just this random person... but it failed."

"Cas likes you. Darcy likes you. The ones you work with like you."

Bardulf smiled. "No one else does. You don't like me. In fact, I think you hate me."

"That's because you're quiet and don't say much. If you let out your true personality out, they'd be flocking to you." Sam paused. "No, you hate me. You keep glaring at me during class."

"You think so?"

Sam smiled slyly. "I bet Dean would love you if you did. I mean, he already admires the way you, J Brightwolf you, sings, play the guitar and I think I read somewhere that you can play the drums as well. I think he referred to it as riding the notes hard and putting them away wet." He paused, remembering a conversation he and Dean had overheard while under Bardulf's bed. "I bet that's how Mr Willis found out you were a Pink Floyd fan. I bet he heard you playing and singing."

"Unfortunately, yes." Bardulf suddenly gave Sam a look. "You know, Sam, Barty told me that he's been giving you singing lessons. Any particular reason why?"

Sam looked stunned, not wanting to blurt out his feelings for Cas. "Uh no. I just wanted to learn how to sing in tune. You know, so I don't sound terrible if I decide to rock out to Bon Jovi..." Sam frowned, not believing he just admitted to liking Bon Jovi, especially to Bardulf of all people.

"Uh huh. Well, I hear you're coming along nicely." Bardulf must have read Sam's face correctly as he mischievously added, "and I happen to like Bon Jovi. I like most types of music."

"Except Celine Dion."

"Especially late at night. When my neighbour decides to play it loudly when I'm trying to sleep."

"Yeah, that'd put a dampener on things. Is that why you're so grouchy in the mornings?"

"Uh huh."

"I heard you yelling at Britney the other day."

"Yeah, well, she was getting on my last nerve."

"She's been getting on everyone's last nerve lately. Dean will despair that you like Bon Jovi."

"Dean will have to deal with the fact that I like most types of music. You know, I think I might have feelings for him. I really like him," Bardulf blurted out, then looked stunned at his admission.

Sam's mind automatically went to Cas after Bardulf's statement and felt crushed and he thought he might have actually heard his heart break in two pieces. "Well, I hope you two will be happy together."

"Uh, thanks. Even though he doesn't know me. I mean, the real me. He doesn't know my secrets."

"But you said he knows."

"Not unless you told him. But you said you didn't."


Bardulf sighed and turned his attention to the music sheet in front of him. "I think we're having two conversations here. Who are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about you and Cas."

"Cas and I are just friends."

"I don't believe you," Sam stated, surprising Bardulf, who looked up from his music sheet. "I don't hate you, you hate me. I don't know you. I just hate that I have to see you and Cas together."

"And now we're getting to the root of the matter. I don't hate you either."

"I know. I just annoy you when I kick your chair with my freakishly long legs." Sam realised what he had just blurted out and hoped that Bardulf didn't notice his slip.

Bardulf frowned. "I never told you that. How did you know that?"

"Uh, lucky guess. Those looks you shoot me during class are a big clue. If looks could kill..."

"Mmhm, if you say so. Anyway back to the subject in hand, why didn't you just tell Cas that you don't want to see him with someone else? Why the hell are you dating Barty if you like someone else? Barty of all people? You could do much better."

"I get on well with Barty. He's helped me a lot."

"What? Breaking the law?"


"Never mind. So why didn't you tell Cas?"

"I couldn't. I mean, i know you have feelings for him and... I don't want to jeopardize that." Sam sighed. "What chance do I have against you? You're this big rock star and I'm nobody."

"Sam, you're not nobody. You're you. You have something I don't have."

"What's that?"

"Anonymity. You don't have everyone on your case about who you're dating or where you're going. Why do you think I went undercover? You have a big heart and... you've known Cas longer than I have."

"It hurts when I see you two together."

"We're not into each other like that. Why do you think I was teaching him to dance?"

"What? When?"

"When you came in and thought that something was going on between us. I was helping Cas to learn to dance so that you wouldn't be dancing with a statue."

"You knew?"

"Of course I did. You're not exactly subtle about your feelings for him. Anyone with brain cells could see it." Bardulf paused and took a deep breath before he spoke again, this time with a slightly Scottish accent. His voice had deepened and Sam realised that he was speaking with his normal voice. "Then you ran off and the next thing I know, you're dating Barty. Doesn't do Cas any favours."

"You have feelings for Cas. You told me yourself."

"I was speaking about Dean."

"My brother, Dean?"

"Duh. You know any other Dean?"

"You're cheating on Cas with my brother."

"No, because Cas and I aren't actually dating as I told you five seconds ago and before that, about twenty seconds ago. Wash your ears out."

"So, you were teaching Cas to dance so he could dance with me and I got the wrong end of the stick?"

"Now you're getting it. I would give you a gold star but unfortunately I'm all out."

"Your rock star personality is really sassy, you know. I kinda miss the shy and retiring version of you. I don't miss your deadly glares though."

"This is my actual personality. The shy version is just an act. Thought you realised that when you were chatting to me on Yahoo Messenger." Bardulf smirked.

"Had to come from somewhere. Yeah, well, I didn't know it was you I was chatting to then."

"Oh come on. I thought it would be pretty obvious to everyone that Barty and I had history. Especially since I was writing notes to Barty when he first got here."

"True but no one saw the notes."

"You did." Sam looked stunned as he didn't know that Bardulf had seen him pick up the note that they exchanged in class.

"You pranked Barty too. During chat before you came on yourself."

"Yeah. It did look like he was cybering. He wouldn't tell me who he was chatting to at first..." Bardulf gave Sam a look. "Don't try and dodge the subject, Sam. I'm not one of the bleached blonde bimbos that also grace this school. I do have at least two braincells to rub together, as do you, Dean and Cas. And I knew long before you told me, without mentioning any names, by the way. Now that we've established that I'm not dating Cas, you and Barty are dating, and that I have feelings for Dean. Sounds like something off Jerry Springer and I'm getting a headache," Bardulf said, putting his glasses back on and crossing his arms.

"I feel like an idiot. Dean advised that I should date Barty to make Cas jealous and... did it work?"

Bardulf snorted. "All too well."

"Damn. Well, I hope you and Barty don't fight over Dean. I mean, Dean would love that. Especially if you two were mud wrestling. Especially since he has love for your alter-ego. And he does like twins."

"I kinda got that from our chat session." Bardulf smirked, a expression that made him look even more devious. "Dean couldn't handle both myself and Barty."

"So you say."

"I do. I know what we're like. Well, not together, you know, but I know what I'm like and I've heard Barty can be very wild so..." Bardulf grinned at Sam. "You dodged a bullet there. Barty would've eaten you alive. Not in a literal way though..."

"I'll pretend I didn't hear that."

"Yeah. Good idea. Pretend I never said that."

"It never happened. Suppose I better start calling you James then."

"If you want. I've kinda gotten used to people calling me by an approximation of my middle name though."

"Which is?"

"Not telling. I'm allowed some secrets." Bardulf gave Sam a look over his glasses. "What you need to do is next time you see Cas is just kiss him already."

"You think that would work?"


"If you're wrong?"

"I'm not wrong. When he comes in here, just grab him and snog him." Bardulf was using British slang. Didn't snog mean have sex with? Oh yeah, he was definitely screwing with Sam.

"In public? Isn't that moving a bit fast?"

"I said snog, which in American speak means kiss, not shag, which is what you're possibly thinking I said and I'm going to give you a British slang dictionary for Christmas, and at the pace you two've been going, an iceberg is moving faster."

"Oh. You're screwing with me, aren't you?"

There was a pause as Bardulf processed Sam's words. "I'm guessing you don't mean literally."

"No." Sam said, giving Bardulf a look. "Are you screwing with me? In the non literal sense."

"No, well, yes. You and Cas kiss and romantic music will play, Hell, I'll write the song myself and call it 'The Obliviousness of Sam and Cas', and the curtain will go down on this whole thing that is totally straight out of a Shakespeare comedy."

"You wouldn't dare," Sam stated, seeing Barty coming in with a guitar case in one hand and an amp in the other.

"Wouldn't dare what?" Barty asked, setting down his case.

"Sam thinks I wouldn't write a song titled 'The Obliviousness of Sam and Cas' and play it."

"He would. In fact, don't dare him because he will." Barty smirked. "I see you found out about James then." He indicated the guitar case in front of Bardulf. "So you're ready to shed your disguise then?"

"Uh huh," Bardulf replied, bending down and opening the case, pulling out a sleek black electric guitar. He plugged the guitar into the amp at his feet and plugged it in. He readied his pick and strummed a few chords on the guitar.

"You know, J, we haven't played together for a long time," Barty commented, moving towards the drum kit set up. He picked up the drumsticks and sat down on the stool behind the drums. "Remember how?" He tapped out a rhythm on the drums.

Bardulf strummed a tune Sam recognized as the opening bars of 'Highway to Hell'. "Sam, you may want to turn my amp up," Bardulf said with a mischievous grin. "Give everyone a wake up call." He suddenly smirked. "Hey, Barty, I had a better idea. Make sure everyone hears us."

"Oh, do tell."

Bardulf didn't answer straight away but he pointed to the speaker in the room. "Shall we?"

"I like the way you think, J."


"I'm not sure that this is a good idea," Sam protested as Bardulf dragged him along the corridor with a firm grip on his elbow, and he held the cymbals from the drum kit that was in Bardulf's room along with a large case. In his other hand, he held the amp to the guitar that Bardulf had slung across his chest.

"Don't be like that, Sam," Bardulf said with an evil smile that made Sam nervous. "It's time that the students get a morning wake up call from J Brightwolf and his brother. It's almost time for our daily radio wake up call. Or if you're not already up like us." He pulled to a halt. "You okay back there, Barty?"

"Oh, yeah," Barty muttered, carrying six large cases. He sighed in relief when Bardulf let go of Sam's elbow and took half of the cases.

"Sam, don't think of running off, we will catch you," Bardulf warned. "Don't you want to help us. We'll help you too."

"I won't. Not as if I can run far with all this," Sam muttered as they stopped in front of the radio booth. He frowned when Darcy's voice spoke over the speakers introducing herself.

Bardulf used a foot to knock on the door, ignoring the on air lights. "Darcy? It's me."

"Just hang on, my friend wants to talk to me," Darcy said over the speaker. "Even though, I'm on air at the moment. Here's the first song." The first song came over the speakers which Sam recognized as 'Hello, I Love You' by the Doors.

"You just came on," Barty interjected as she opened the door. "How about we give them a real wake up call?"

Darcy smiled. "So, James, finally decided to shed the secret identity?"

"Yeah. Sam needs our help declaring his feelings for someone..."

"It wouldn't happen to be a certain person named Cas, would it?"

Sam groaned. "Does everyone know?" He took a step back from Darcy. "Please don't tazer me."

"I won't. Seeing as you're willing to do this for him."

"So can we...?" Barty asked, giving Darcy a pleading look.

"Sure. Wake them up! Give 'em hell."

"Thanks, Darcy. I owe you big time." Sam stated with a smile.

The song came to an end and Darcy took her place at the microphone again. "And that was 'Hello, I Love You' by The Doors. Well, for those who just tuned in, I've been invaded by a few people. Not telling you who they are at the moment. So call in with your guesses." She played the next song which Sam recognized as 'Pinball Wizard' by The Who.

"We better set this all up," Barty suggested as he opened the cases. "James, are you going to change?"

"In front of Darcy?" Sam questioned with a raised eyebrow.

Bardulf shrugged and set down his guitar and cases. "Why not?" Bardulf handed Sam his glasses, pulled off his sweater, accidentally pulling his t-shirt up as well, exposing a pale flat stomach. He pulled his t-shirt down, a black t-shirt with 'Guns and Roses: Appetite For Destruction' emblazoned across the front and frowned at Sam, his red hair in disarray. "Okay?"

"Shouldn't your pants be a bit tighter?" Darcy commented.

"Leather chafes in this weather. But if you insist..." Bardulf said. "Sam? Let's get you something to wear. It's a Rock Stars only club. Gotta wear something tight to show off that awesome body you have under those clothes." He looked over to Barty. "Barty?"

"Hm? Oh yeah." Barty dug into one of his bags and threw a pair of pants at Bardulf and then threw a pair at Sam. "For some reason, the costumer thought I said I was six foot four so these are too big for me. Should fit you though, Sam."

"My favourite ones!" Bardulf said happily. "I missed these."

"Yeah, can tell you missed your stripper trousers," Barty muttered.

"C'mon, Sam, let's get changed in the bathroom," Bardulf said. "Unless you want to give Darcy a free show."

"I don't mind. Hell, I'll even stuff dollar bills in your underwear if you want," Darcy replied with an evil grin on her face.

Bardulf winked at Darcy. "Only on weekends, sweetheart."

Sam felt his face heat up as her eyes raked over his body. "Bathroom sounds like a good idea."

Bardulf followed Sam to the bathroom and shut the door behind them. "Sam, you don't have to do this if you don't want to."

"No, I have to do. I want it all out there."

"Okay, it's your call. So are you going to change out here or in a cubicle?"

Sam watched as Bardulf slowly peeled off his t-shirt, exposing the pale skin below. He noticed there were scars all over his chest and wondered at them. Of course, his own skin was covered in scars so he knew that he might not want to know the story behind all of them.

Bardulf noticed Sam staring at him. "Car accident," he stated plainly as he undid his pants and slid them down his hips, exposing his back.

Sam moved to get a better look at Bardulf's back. A large wing tattoo covered both Bardulf's shoulder blades and back, down past his dark green boxers and down both his legs to his ankles. Sam noticed that the feathers were very detailed in a dark red with gold tips. Sam half expected the wings to come to life at any moment and flare out at his sides. Sam remembered that Cas also had a tattoo, as a reminder of his former angel self, although not as large and wondered what that signified for Bardulf.

"When you've quite finished staring..."

Sam snapped back to reality and blushed. He had been caught staring at the other teenager, who wasn't Cas. "Sorry. Were you an angel?"

"What gave you that idea? Just because I have wings tattooed on my back, doesn't mean I was ever an angel."


"Are you getting changed or not?"

"Yeah." Sam quickly undressed, unmindful of his scars. He felt that the other teenager was openly staring at his body. "What?"

"I... I was right. You do have a great body." Bardulf moved closer to Sam. "Gunshot wound, stab wound, bite mark and numerous others."

"Uh, thanks. How do you know?"

Bardulf smiled mysteriously. "Cas would love your body..." Bardulf turned away suddenly. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have been ogling you like a prime cut of beef. Not when I'm trying to be a cupid to get you and Cas together." He pulled on his tight leather pants, which had thin black ribbons on each leg and adjusted his underwear so there was no visible panty line. "Um, Sam, although I'm fairly flexible, once you're dressed, could you lace me up? Just pretend it's a corset."

Sam blushed and pulled on the pants that Barty gave him. His underwear bunched uncomfortably. "Uh."

Bardulf rolled his eyes. "You're supposed to undo the zips before pulling it on." He demonstrated by unzipping said zips that reached from the top of the pants to halfway down his thighs. He grabbed hold of Sam's underwear and tugged them down so they were more comfortable and didn't bunch, before zipping them back up. "Better?"

Sam blushed. "Yeah."

"I've done it for the others. You get used to it. Can you lace me up please?"

Sam bent down carefully, not wanting to rip the pants he was wearing. He pulled on the ribbons so they were sitting snug against Bardulf's leg. It was really like tying a corset, Sam reflected as he tied off one leg in a bow. Bardulf turned so Sam could do the same to his other leg. He finished and stood up, with a steadying hand from Bardulf.


"No problem." Sam took a look at Bardulf, who was pulling on what looked to be a netted top. His mind popped to Cas wearing said outfit.

"Are you imagining Cas in my outfit? Nice image."

Damn, did Bardulf read his mind? Sam shook off the feeling and grinned at Bardulf, pulling on a tight black t-shirt, which showed off his muscles. "Come on, Barbarella," Sam said, not sure if Bardulf would even get the reference.

"Are we going to find Durand Durand?" Bardulf questioned with a smirk. "It's a classic."

"Dean would love you. That's one of his favorite movies."

"Course it is. It has Jane Fonda in it."

Sam shook his head in amusement as he opened the door. "I thought you liked Dean."

"If you know anything about me you should know that I don't care whether you are male, female or alien..."

Sam shook off the alien comment, thinking that Bardulf was just making a point. "Mm, same here, I guess." He grinned. "So what's your view on tentacles?"

"Why? Does Dean or Cas have tentacles that they keep hidden?"

"No! Just wondered." Sam noticed that Bardulf was actually about Dean's height. "Huh, never noticed how tall you were before. Must be the way you're standing."

Bardulf raised an eyebrow. "I'm not as tall as you with your freakishly long legs."

"But you're not exactly short either."

"Did you sleep in a gro bag when you were younger to get so tall?"

"A what?"

"It's soil which comes in a large bag of some sort... For growing tomatoes," Bardulf pronounced the word as toe-mah-toe which betrayed his Scottish roots. "I mean, not that I grow the damn things or whatever but I do see 'em in shops across the pond. Maybe I should take it up."

Sam shook his head. Bardulf, to his surprise, was a bit of a rambler. "Dude, you're rambling."

"I am. Guess I've been hanging around... someone too long. But hey, at least I'm talking at a speed you can understand, right?"


"WellIcouldbetalkingatwarpspeedwhichwouldreallybehardtounderstandunlessyouhaverecordingequpimenttoslowitdowntoanormalspeedamIright?" Bardulf stated, suddenly speeding up his speech until all the words blended together into one word.

"Uh, could you repeat that but at a speed of thirty three and a third please?" Sam said, looking confused.

 Bardulf shook his head. "Sorry." He didn't look sorry though. "Anyway, let's get you and Cas together to live happily ever after."

"This isn't Disney."

"No comment." Bardulf seemed to be fighting the urge to laugh.

"You weren't just picturing me in a Disney Princess outfit, were you?"

"I didn't say it. You did." Bardulf grabbed a hold of Sam's arm in a surprisingly tight grip. "Come on. Stop stalling." He smiled wickedly. "Let's show them what we're made of, eh?"

Chapter 9
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