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Chapter 9

"Dean, have you seen Sam this morning?" Cas questioned as he sat down next to Dean in the dining hall. "He was gone when I woke up this morning."

Dean shook his head as he tucked into his breakfast. "No, Cas, sorry. He was acting weird last night though. He said he had a brainwave or something like that..."

The speakers crackled to life and Darcy's voice rang out introducing herself. There was the faint sound of someone knocking on a door. "Just hang on, my friend wants to talk to me," Darcy said over the speaker. "Even though, I'm on air at the moment. Here's the first song."

Cas noticed the smile on Dean's face as the song began. "I take it you like this song."

"Can't go wrong with the Doors."

"I don't understand."

"It's a band."


They listened in silence for the rest of the song. Cas found himself tapping his foot as he imagined saying the lyrics of the song to Sam and Sam's reaction to it.

"And that was 'Hello, I Love You' by The Doors. Well, for those who just tuned in, I've been invaded by a few people. Not telling you who they are at the moment. As usual, call in with your requests." She played the next song which Dean recognised as 'Pinball Wizard' by The Who and said as much.

"Chick has good taste in tunes," Dean commented. "I bet I know where Sam ended up."

"You think he is one of the people that has 'invaded' Darcy?"

"Well, everyone else is here. If we take stock of who's here and who isn't, I bet we'll get who has visited Darcy."

"I see and you think Barty and... James are the other two. They aren't here so..."

"I guess. The question is what does those two want with Sammy?"

"And that was Pinball Wizard by the Who. Our next song is... Holy Mother of God! Are you really going to wear that?!" Darcy's next comment caused Dean and Cas to perk up. "Should I get the dollar bills ready? Or do you just save it for the weekend?"

A voice that Dean and Cas recognised as Barty spoke up next. "Wow! You two are freaking hot... Now kiss and make up." There was a pause. "Did he help you with your underwear?"

"I laced him up," Sam said. "He said he wasn't flexible enough to do it himself."

Cas frowned as he wondered what Bardulf would need laced up. The comment about Sam's underwear was unsettling.

"Barty..." A voice that they recognised as belonging to Bardulf, even though his voice seemed deeper and somewhat familiar to Dean, growled out. "Don't forget why we are here. But I can agree with him on one thing, you do look hot, Sam."

"Thanks, you too. Uh, should someone poke Darcy as she seems to be in shock?"

"I'm awake. I'm very much awake. Shame you are into guys, Sam, because I would totally hit that."

"I'm bisexual," Sam admitted, sounding embarrassed. "I don't think it ever came up before."

"Well, something definitely came up," Barty stated, sounding like he was leering at Sam.

"Hell, I'd hit it," Bardulf said, sounding impressed. "Especially while you're wearing that, Sam. But I don't think the one you have your eyes on would like that."

Cas wondered who Bardulf meant and tilted his head to the side as he tried to figure out who was the object of Sam's affections.


"One word," Barty said, "threesome. Or orgy. Your pick. Everyone's a winner." There was a long pause. "Uh, guys, we are still on air," Barty stated. "I mean, I think that's what the little red light means, anyway."

"We are? Oh crap!" Darcy sounded panicked. "Quick, someone pick something."

"Sam's song would be a certain Nine Inch Nails song, especially directed towards his beloved," Barty commented.

"I'll pretend I didn't hear that," Sam stated

Cas tilted his head, wondering who exactly Barty meant as 'beloved' and which song he was talking about. He looked to Dean, who quickly hid an amused smile. Yes, Dean knew who they were referring to. Unfortunately Dean was too stubborn to reveal the identity of said person, uinless of course, he could be bribed with pie.

"Have you been playing 'Closer' again, Bro," Bardulf asked, sounding amused.

"What do you suppose Dean's song would be while shagging?"

"Does shagging mean what I think it means?" Dean questioned.

"If you're referring to sexual intercourse, then yes, it does mean that."

"Dude! Seriously?" Sam exclaimed, sounded like he didn't want to hear the answer to Barty's question.

Cas was not sure if he wanted to hear the reply either.

"Dean's song would be 'You Shook Me All Night Long'."

"Good song."

"Or Pour Some Sugar On Me."

"Another good choice."

There was a rattling sound. "Come over here and help Darcy pick out a song already. Anything to stop you discussing my brother's sex life. Stop doing that. Both of you."

"Sorry, Sam. We'll behave now."

"How about this?" Bardulf said, sounding amused.


"You wouldn't," Sam said sounding embarrassed. "You did. You bastards."

The song started, drowning out either Bardulf's or Barty's retort.

Dean hid a smile into his coffee cup at the song choice.

Cas tilted his head. "Dean, why are they comparing this woman to an angel. If they knew what angels are really like they wouldn't do that."

"It's just a song, Cas. They haven't met a real angel so don't get your boxers in a bunch."

Cas glared at Dean. "I am well aware of that, Dean."

"Okay. Sheesh! Who pissed in your cereal this morning?"

"No one. There was no urine present in my breakfast."

"It's a saying, Cas."

The speaker crackled to life again and they could hear Sam talking in an incredulous voice. "Seriously? That's your middle name?"

"Yes... Thank you, Barty for just blurting that out," Bardulf said, sounding very embarrassed.

"You started it. You told Sam my full first name and my middle name. Just repaying the favour. Don't stick your tongue out at me or I'll cut it off."

"Then I won't be able to talk or do anything else with my tongue," Bardulf said. "Everyone would mourn..."

Darcy suddenly laughed. "Just realized what your first name and middle name stand for, Barty. Is that a hint or something?"

"Of course."

"BJ by name, BJ is all he is good for... Uh, I mean, that I heard that somewhere. Not speaking from personal experience or anything. I mean, that would be... not my thing and uh, I'm digging myself into a hole now, aren't I?" Bardulf said hurriedly.

"Mmhmm, Don't worry, you'll always be remembered as the person who just told everyone that you heard I give..."

"We're on air again, aren't we?" Sam asked, sounding exasperated and slightly embarrassed.

There was the sound of loud cursing coming from the speaker in multiple languages coming from Bardulf. Barty retorted in the same language and they started bickering in said language.

Cas tilted his head even further. "I don't believe that is biologically possible... Or that." A flush grew across his face. "I believe you'd need an extra leg for that position."

"I don't think I wanna know," Dean said, putting a hand up as if to cover his eyes.

"Guys! I don't know what you just said, but you're disrupting my show."

"Sorry, Darcy." Barty sounded chastised. "Is that a threat or a promise, J?"

Dean looked at Cas. "Did Barty just call him, J?"

"That is the first initial of his first name."

"Oh yeah, I forgot."

"Look, let's just get on with why we're here," Bardulf said, avoiding answering the question. There was the sound of someone banging on some drums in no particular rhythm.

"You're right."

"Course I'm right. I am the oldest of us two, Barty. Now who's the one sticking his tongue out?"

"I can't do this," Sam sounded nervous. "What if I'm terrible and I become a laughing stock?"

"You'll be fine," Bardulf stated, sounding sure of himself. "It's okay to feel nervous. I would say imagine your audience naked but I can see that that might become a problem."

"You had to go there, didn't you? Now I can't stop picturing him naked."

Cas wondered who the person in question was and he felt an irrational surge of jealousy bubble up inside of him.

"I can see that."

"Hell, we can all see that. Did you smuggle a snake in those pants?" Darcy asked. "Are you even wearing underwear?"

"Darcy!" Sam sounded shocked. "Yes, I am wearing underwear."

"Good. Our cousin Peter says that you have to wear underwear underneath as it doesn't let you 'breathe' otherwise," Barty injected. "And speaking from experience, it can cause rashes and..."

"Peter lives in Las Vegas, Barty. Land of dry and dusty. Also it can get damn hot during the day and cold at night. You get used to it after a while," Bardulf said, over the sounds of someone tuning a guitar. "And I'm going to tear my thoughts away from that... area before I say something else."

"Just how flexible are you, J?" Sam questioned, his thoughts obviously still in the gutter.

"Microphone check," Barty said interrupting the conversation before Bardulf could answer Sam, his voice amplified by an extra microphone.

"Well, you know, I've got a clean bill of health now so I can get in almost any position you want me to, Sam. Uh, that sounded so much better in my head," Bardulf commented. "Uh, microphone check, right?" There was the sound of something rustling.


"Testing, testing, one two testing. How many here are pretty awesome? Will you raise your hand, please?" Bardulf said, his voice echoing around the room. "Oh, hello, bro. How long's it been since we've played together?"

Dean raised an eyebrow. "Bro? Why are they talking like they're best friends?"

"You want to air our dirty laundry out?"

"Not what I meant. Band? Instruments? Ring any bells? Or do you need me to conk you over the head with a cymbal?"

"Not the worst threat I've ever had from you. But no thanks. One concussion was more than enough."

"So you say. It's been ages. You sure you remember how to play?"

"Yeah, I'm sure. Are you?" Barty asked, over the sounds of someone banging on some drums.

"Uh huh." There was a long pause.

"Hey, Darcy, isn't that one of Zeb's hats you're wearing?" Barty asked, sounding amused.


"Looks like a raspberry beret to me," Bardulf pointed out. "You know there's a song for that, don't you?"

"Don't you dare, James! Or I will tell them how you ended up wearing Zeb's flamingo fedora and how attached you are to it."

"If I recall correctly it involved a pair of very short shorts, a stripper pole and the song 'Wanted Dead or Alive'," Barty said with a laugh.

Dean looked over to Zeb, who was blushing a deep red and frowned.

"Fine. Whatever. I don't care," Bardulf said, over the sounds of someone strumming a guitar. "So are we going to do Sam first or are we gonna wake everyone up first?"

"And you say you're not kinky," Barty muttered. "Though if we did 'do' Sam first, everyone would soon be awake."

"You know what I meant, B," Bardulf said, sounding exasperated. "The threesome can come later," he added mischievously, making Dean choke on his coffee.

"Hey, am I not invited?" Darcy questioned, sounding miffed.

"Don't I get a say in this?" Sam asked. "I'm not Dean."

"Why are they saying my name?" Dean questioned. He choked again, this time on air when Barty added, "Dean can join in too."

"Only one person can peel these incredibly tight things off and he's currently not in this room."

"And you're saying that after you stole my mint, Sam?" Bardulf asked, sounding amused. "You could have just asked me for one and I would've given you it."

There was a chorus of "Huh?" coming from the speakers.

"I saw it in a movie," Sam said quietly.

"Yeah, and I know exactly which one," Bardulf commented, over what sounded like the opening riff to the song 'Should I Stay or Should I Go' playing. "Am I right?"

Cas frowned at Dean. "Is stealing mints a thing Sam does often?"

"No, I don't know why he did that. Unless he didn't want morning breath."

"Anyway, let's get away from the mint stealing puppy a minute and remember why we're here," Bardulf stated.

Sam's bitchface was audible through the speakers. "Says the person who's currently dressed like that..."

"Well, you're right. Besides I doubt your beloved would approve. Let's wake 'em up first before Sam does his thing."

"Hey everybody!" Bardulf said cheerfully. "I bet you're all wondering how we're gonna wake you up...Even if you're already awake..." He trailed off. "This is how. Hit it, B!"

Castiel frowned in confusion as the beat began. It sounded very familiar to Cas but he couldn't place from where he had heard it before.

Dean frowned. "Are they playing that live? In the radio station?" He grinned suddenly. "Awesome."

Cas listened to the tune and smiled when he heard singing coming from the speakers. Barty, he guessed. He looked at Dean, who seemed to mouthing the words to the song and frowned.

Dean must have decided to add a bit more rock to the song, complete with hand motions and he had moved to sit on the table.

Cas couldn't help but crack a smile at Dean's actions, especially when Dean pointed at his eyes and then out at the room at large. He then pointed upwards to the ceiling. He used his leg as a guitar as he mouthed the words to the song. Dean then stood up on the bench and spread his arms wide. He then seemed to realise what he was doing and jumped down, looking embarrassed. "You saw nothing," he muttered to Cas.

"I understand."

The song finished and Darcy's voice came back on. "I hope you enjoyed the song. Coming up after 'House on Fire' by The Boomtown Rats, is a very special treat."

Dean nodded his head as the song began. "I haven't heard this song since forever."

Cas tilted his head. "I did not know that this was your type of song. It doesn't have enough guitar and drums."

"Dude, it's called 'Punk Rock'. They also did 'I Don't Like Mondays' and various other songs."

Cas' head tilted even more so when the third verse began. "I don't understand. Why are they singing about a white angel? And why would said angel be hanging his halo around his waist?"

"It's just lyrics. You're over thinking again."

"And now with a very special song," were Darcy's first words when her voice faded back in. "is what you've all been waiting for. Take it away guys."

"Hit it." The opening tune began. A few minutes later a new voice began singing. The singer had a pleasant voice,  Cas thought.

"Is that..?" Dean began. "Is that Sammy?" He raised his eyebrows. "Wow, he's in tune. He sounds good."

Cas listened to the lyrics as they seemed to be directed at someone. Someone who Sam loves, he realized. He tried to ignore the pit of jealousy that rose from within him as he listened to the song.

"Hey," Dean said, giving Cas a significant look. "Listen to the lyrics."

"I am listening."

"Then why do you look like a kitten that's lost its favourite toy?"

Cas huffed. "I am not a kitten."

"Listen very carefully to the lyrics."

"He is singing about someone he loves. Telling them how he feels via song."

"Yes. Now who does the subject of the song sound like?"

Cas listened very carefully to the song. At first he didn't get it and then suddenly it clicked. The subject of the song sounded a lot like him. "Me. It sounds like me."

"Finally! It is to you. Sam likes you. He likes you enough to tell you in a song."

"He does?"

"Yes. Now when he gets here, you've got to tell him that you feel the same way and then kiss."

Cas suddenly felt like he had his wings back and he could fly. "I will."

"Good." Dean changed the subject. "I wonder when he learned to sing like that."

"Perhaps you should ask him."

"I will."

The song ended on a crescendo. "Uh, I hope you liked it," Sam's voice said, sounding nervous. "That was a message to, well, I hope they know who they are."

"You sounded fantastic, Sam. Those singing lessons paid off," Bardulf said, sounding happy.

"Bloody awesome," Barty added. "Well done, my young Jedi Knight."

"That makes you Yoda."

"No, Obi Wan Kenobi. You're Yoda."

"Come on, you two Jedi Masters. We need to go and see what happens now," Sam said impatiently.

"Okay. Sam wants to see his snuggle-bunny. Darcy, can you look after the gear for us?"

"Sure. Go forth and smooch."


Sam, Barty and Bardulf made their way down to the dining hall. Sam stopped Bardulf with a hand on the arm. "What if he hated it? What if he likes me just as a friend?"

"Sam, stop worrying. Look, you poured your heart out to him. Declared your feelings for him, and you sounded really good too. There is a ninety nine point nine chance that he will sweep you off your whatever size feet you are and kiss you," Bardulf said.

"Yeah, Sam. As a famous singer once said, or sang, you gotta know when to hold them, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away, know when to run. You never count your money when you're sitting at the table. There'll be time enough for counting when the dealing's done," Barty added, quoting the Gambler, of all songs.

"You got to know when to hold them," Bardulf sang, unable to help himself. When he sang, it was obvious who he was as he had a very distintive singing voice.

"When to hold 'em," Barty echoed.

"Know when to fold 'em."

"When to fold 'em."

"Know when to walk away, know when to run. You never count your money when you're sitting at the table. There'll be time enough for counting when the dealing's done," both Bardulf and Barty sang. Sam had the feeling that was something was missing.



"I suddenly had the urge to ask if you wanted an ice cream to sing into," Sam stated, fighting a smile.

"Too early."

Sam suddenly had an attack of nerves as they walked closer to their destination. "I can't do it. Barty, give me your coat."

"Sorry, James has already got it."

Sam looked Bardulf over with his long leather trench coat covering his outfit. "You look like Peter Vincent's secret love child," he commented, before realising that was a very Dean thing to say. "Wait, is he a relation of yours?"

"Please, don't start those rumors," Bardulf replied, holding a hand up.

"Yep, Peter is our cousin, that's it." Barty grabbed Sam's hand and squeezed it gently in a show of support. "Now, go in there and knock 'em dead. Figaratively speaking, of course."

"Of course," Sam said nervously.

"Show em what you're made of. Not completely. That should be left for you and Cas to enjoy privately. We'll be right behind you."

"Uh, thanks. No, seriously, thanks. You didn't have to do this but you did. I know that we've had our ups and downs, Bar... James, but now, I think you can be called a friend."

Bardulf smiled. "Aw, thanks, Sam. If you had just sat down with Cas and told him your feelings, then all these misunderstandings wouldn't have happened." He gave Sam a once over. "You look hot."

"He's right," Barty leered at Sam. "I so should have gotten you to strip when we were fake dating."

"Thanks. You still haven't told me how flexible you are."

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Bardulf smacked Sam on the behind. "Now, go get 'im."

Sam gave him a look. He still wasn't used to the red head acting like that, even though he knew that it was his true personality shining through. He took a deep breath, pushed open the doors to the dining hall and walked in, followed closely by Barty and Bardulf.

The dining room was packed with people and they took no notice of the new arrivals. Sam saw Cas sitting with Dean and smiled. He walked over to them and stood before them. "Cas," he said quietly.

Cas looked up and looked at what Sam was wearing and his jaw dropped. "Sam?"

Dean turned to Cas and noticed he wasn't looking him any more. He turned to where Cas was looking and then looked up in shock. "Sammy? What the hell? You look like a stripper."

"You look good," Cas commented. "I mean, you look good in whatever you wear but this really looks good." His face grew serious. "Did you mean it? The song... You sounded really good."

"Yes." Sam grew embarrassed. "I did. I understand if you want to be just friends but I wanted to let you know that I..."

"Sam!" Cas said loudly, drawing the attention of a few girls sitting nearby. "I don't mind. I feel the same. I didn't think you'd like me and..."

"Will you just kiss already?" Bardulf spoke up from behind them, making Sam jump as he had forgotten that he was standing there. "Just so I can sit down and have a coffee."

"Um," Sam said eloquently. He looked at Cas again, who leaned forward, almost as if he wanted Sam to kiss him. "Are you sure?"

Cas didn't answer, he just leaned further forward and captured Sam's lips with his own in a quick kiss, ignoring the 'finally' coming from Barty, Dean and Bardulf in a chorus.

Sam pulled back. "We have a lot to talk about, Cas."

"Indeed we do, Sam. But first, let's have breakfast."

Sam noticed that Dean was watching him and Cas interact with a smile on his face. Sam knew that he'd have to thank Dean for helping to get them together and wondered exactly how to do it.

Dean looked at Sam. "When did you get singing lessons, Sammy?"

"Uh, Barty helped me."


"You sounded good, Sam," Bardulf commented as he sat down next to Dean.

Dean shifted over, not really taking much notice of Bardulf but he smiled at Barty who sat on the other side of Bardulf. "You sounded good, Dude. You really play the guitar well." He looked at Bardulf. "And those drums.... Do you play in a band of your own?"

Bardulf turned to face Dean. "Yes, I play guitar and drums. I, er, happened to be playing the guitar this time."

Dean looked abashed. "So you were on the guitar? Dude, you sounded awesome."

Bardulf smiled, a genuine smile which lit up his whole face. "Why thanks, Dean. Anything to get Sam and Cas together."

Dean gave Bardulf a long look, almost like he was trying to figure something out. "Yeah, you're a regular Cupid," he muttered.

"Dean, he is wearing too many clothes to be a Cupid," Cas interjected. "I assume he's wearing clothes under that black trenchcoat of his."

Dean sighed, after looking down at what Bardulf was wearing, almost like he could see what was actually worn underneath the trenchcoat. "Cas, everyone knows, when you make an assumption, you make an ass out of "u" and "umption"."

Cas tilted his head in confusion, a gesture that made Sam want to kiss him again.

"The Long Kiss Goodnight?" Bardulf questioned with a smirk on his face. "Really, Dean?"

Dean didn't answer for a long time, he had a thoughful expression on his face.

"So," Barty spoke up, startling Sam and Cas, "what do you two have planned for today? Are you going to go back to your room and make the beast with two backs?"

"Barty!" Sam exclaimed, even though he wondered why he was so shocked that he would ask that. Maybe it was because Barty had used a Shakespearian phrase. "I can't believe you said that."

"Oh, should I have asked if you two were going to shag, screw, rut against each other like cats in heat, get to the fu...."

Bardulf quickly placed his hand over Barty's mouth, muffling the rest of his sentence. "I'm sorry about him. I've been wanting to trade him in for a tortoise but so far, no one's willing to put up with him."

"I think you have a lot to talk about."

"Not the only ones," Sam retorted, giving Bardulf a significant look.

"I've made peace that he doesn't like me as Bardulf," Bardulf commented, causing Dean to look at him in a confused way.

"I thought your first name was James," Dean stated. "According to Cas anyway."

"Ah, that explains it," Bardulf commented. "Yes, my first name is James. Bardulf is a mispronounciation of my middle name... and very meaningful." He looked at Sam. "Don't you say a word."

"What's your middle name then, if not Bardulf?"

Bardulf looked at Barty instead of answering. "Take a guess."

"Uh, I dunno. Why are you looking at Barty?"

Barty sighed. "Let's put it this way, his middle name is the same as my full first name. And, no, I'm not going to tell you what it's short for."

"And your last name?" Dean asked, knowing that he won't get an answer to the middle name question.

Sam smiled. "Have a guess, Dean."

"You know it?"

"Wasn't that hard to figure out."

"Here's a clue," Bardulf said, leaning towards Dean. "Google the meaning of Bardulf and then that'll be the answer to all your questions."

"Why are you making it hard for Dean?" Cas asked. "There's an easy way to answer his questions."

"You know too? Who else knows?"

"Darcy knows. Mr Willis knows, obviously."

"Because I like making it challenging."

"You're a lunatic," Barty commented, good naturedly.

"Aye, but a singing lunatic," Bardulf answered in a broad Scottish accent.

"Now, stop mocking Barty," Dean said.

"I'm not mocking him." He sighed. "As I told Sam, many moons ago, I'm actually Scottish."

"He is," Barty elaborated. "We've known each other for years."

"Is that why you seemed to dislike each other on the first day that Barty came?" Dean asked. "You were old school friends that drifted apart and it turned the love you had for each other into into hate."

"Why are you so desperate to pair us off with each other?" Barty questioned. "He said he'd help us get together as a side bonus of getting Sam and Cas together," he added, looking at Bardulf.

"He did. I was there," Sam added.

Bardulf raised an eyebrow behind his glasses. "Really? Me and Barty... We...er, we are not like that."

"You have a lot of UST. You need to solve it. Go forth and do so."

"Bugger that!" Bardulf blurted out. "I'd rather have you, Dean."

Dean stared at Bardulf. "Say what?"

"In American speak, I believe that James has just told you he likes you," Barty said. "He's not the only one."

"Well, I like you too. Uh, James, the Scottish accent makes you sound sexy but..."


"I like Barty and his brother too. Don't think I can pick between three people."

"We can share!" Barty exclaimed. "J won't mind."

"I told you that already, Barty," Bardulf huffed into his coffee.

"Am I missing something?" Dean asked, giving Barty and Bardulf a look. He looked like the lightbulb had suddenly gone on over his head. "No, I know I am. I'm wrong about the amount of people that like me, aren't I?" Dean dropped his fork on the table and stared at Bardulf. "You... you...You're J Brightwolf, aren't you?"

"Yeah, I'd say so," Sam commented, reaching over and pulling Bardulf's glasses off his nose.

Bardulf ducked his head quickly and stood up. Barty stood up as well and pulled off his coat, exposing the outfit underneath.

Dean dropped his knife on the table when Bardulf lifted his head and gave him a wicked smile.

"Surprised?" Bardulf asked, as he messed his hair up some more, giving it a tossled look. He bowed at Dean, bending almost double at the waist. "At your service."

"Yeah, a bit."

Bardulf moved to sit down next to Dean again. "Glad I don't have to wear those glasses any more. They hurt my nose."

"I hate you," Dean declared grumpily.

"No, you don't. By the way, how long did you know who I was?"

"Sam left his laptop logged in and I viewed his internet history."

"Right. Okay. Uh, so now what?"

"Well, you and I are going to have a long chat about things."

"Can I come?" Barty questioned. "Just to mediate things."

Bardulf gave Barty a look. "You mediate? Remember what happened back in Scotland?"

"What?" Barty looked confused. "A lot of things happened back there."

"Does the phrase 'run free, little kitties, run free' ring a bell?"

"She was asking for it. Besides, you were the one who got them do to do 'The Frog Song' while in his office."

Dean shook his head. "I don't think I want to know."

Cas tilted his head. "I don't understand."

"Let's just say that a prank was played on a teacher back in Scotland. We're like the Weasley twins but with better hair."

"Anything else we should know?" Sam asked, not really sure he  wanted to know the answer.

"Yeah, I'm really a time traveller, that also happens to be a vampire/werewolf hybrid, that travels around in a blue police box," Bardulf answered sarcastically.

"So nothing else then?" Dean commented, making a mental note to check Bardulf just in case he was a werewolf, vampire or demon.

"Sam and I also need to have a chat," Cas stated, giving Sam a significant look.

"Yeah, uh, we'll be back. We got to talk," Sam said, standing up and holding his hand out to Cas, who took it and also stood up.

"Okay, see you later. Don't hurry back," Dean said. "I'll be in my room with these two if you need anything." He gave Sam a look. "It's about time, you two. Go, you crazy kids." He watched them go with a fond smile. "They'll be a while, won't they?"

"Course. They have a lot of making up to do."

"Bardulf! We really need to have a chat of our own about keeping secrets."

"Uh, okay. But I'd really prefer it if you called me James."

"Okay, James, we need to talk."

Chapter 10
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