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Rule 23: Never Mess With An Author's Coffee If You Want To Live.

"It's like the Tenth Doctor has taken up position in my mouth."

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Jade -"A Caffeine Addicted Author..."
2 January 1980
A big fan of BSG, Star Trek, Blade (*Deacon Frost...YUMMY!), Power Rangers, Diagnosis Murder, Stargate SG1, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Sherlock Holmes, Bones, Roswell High, A-Team, Buffy, Midsomer Murders, Angel, Airwolf, Knight Rider, Blackpool, Sherlock, Casanova (The BBC version), Supernatural, CSI (all versions), NCIS, Law & Order (all versions), Quantum Leap to name a few fandoms that I'm in. I've even become a fan of Harry Potter. I read mostly slash fics but there is the odd het one I like.)I love writing fics.I have a weird sense of humour (as you can tell when you read my fics) and I'm a real practical joker.I'm also a self-confessed coffee and chocolate addict. I live on the outskirts of Southampton (as I don't think my sanity can handle living right in the centre of the city) and I am on the New Forest side. *grins*

I must add that I have a huge crush on the 9th, 10th and 11th Doctors from Doctor Who as played by Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith respectively. Bloody hell! I'm insane!! AND a geek! THANK GOD FOR MANCANDY!!!

I could list my favourite fandom ships but it'd be very long and slightly insane. Let's just say I'll ship anyone and everyone!! I'm also a fan of crossover pairings. MULTI-SHIPPING RULES!

Feel free to friend me but be warned, I tend to abuse the exclamation mark. In other words, I tend to overkill with using them!!!! I also have a tendency to ramble and to go off on a tangent. So if I do go off into one of my tangents, please stop me.

Someone sign me up!!

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WARNING: Some of these entries contain adult content (underneath a cut). If you don't like it, please go elsewhere.
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